ZENTUS is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively elaborated with the olive trees that grow in our centenary olive farm. Located in one of the best olive-growers in Spain, at the foot of Cazorla Mountains, “La Loma” region stands in the province of Jaén (Andalusia).

Next to the cities of Úbedaand Baeza, both named World Heritage Sites, this circle of great examples of our Andalusian culture completes.

Our olives are selected and harvested at the beginning of October to obtain a true olive juice with organoleptic characteristics that provide a unique smell, colour and flavour, and highlight its fruity taste combined with the aroma of thyme, tomato plant and freshly cut grass.

Olive Mill

Our strong commitment with the environment leads us to take care of our olive trees throughout the year with our own staff in order to obtain the highest quality in our olive oil. We have our own Olive Mill to control every stage until we obtain the final product.

The excellence of our olive oil starts from the harvest, determining the best moment of ripening of the fruits from which we obtain the best juices.

We use cutting-edge technology while taking care of our environment.

ZENTUS is basically an authentic olive juice.

Familia Elena y Juan


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