We are the Arredondo family, a family from a wonderful land called La Loma in the province of Jaén, where the view gets lost in the immense mantles of olive trees in a historical site full of tradition and culture.

Together we face a new challenge. This challenge has endless and independent variables such as the weather, the olive trees and the land where the fruit is produced. We harvest and take care of everything to obtain a special and unique olive oil.

Its tasting shows the smell and taste of our exceptional product as well as the customs and traditions inherited from parents to children for over 500 years.

This new project was born from the desire to build and fulfill ourselves. We do this for our children, so they can know their origins, but we also do this for our parents, so they can feel proud of us. We aim to keep centuries of tradition in the care of our olive farms. This is a legacy of wisdom gathered by the experience and the good work, which will continue to be transmitted from one generation to another.

We would love to have you as a part of our project and dream, and definitely, to share with you this wonderful experience of our oil and our love for life.

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